Sunday, 29 November 2020


Night shall pass

Day cometh next 

Hold dear to the song

We sung when sun and moon both hail high

Disturbance is a passage 

Wastage uses the same vein 

That oxygenates the blood

Walk along firm in belief

Firmness no wall can bring

Sway along to the silent tune

All music arisen from there

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Happy Mother's Day

Your views your thoughts
Have nourished our minds

Your belief in goodness
Made us cherish our hearts

You see differently
That makes you You

You speak your mind
That brings shine in you

As the mother you are
So tender so loving

As the concerned you are
So upright so courageous


You balance the two You
So succinctly so beautifully

The fears you hold
Holds you not

The love you hold
Holds you soft

You reckon the energies
So different among your loved ones

You patiently persist
Navigating each energy at its pace


Your smile is powerful
Your warmth is bountiful

Your presence is precious
Your excitement is contagious

We Love You :)

Saturday, 9 May 2020


This is about this!

Not that... 
Not the one you are thinking about
But this...

Moving straight or moving forward
Does not matter unless it is this

Are you sure this is this?
Because if you are not
Then that is not this

And what is this?
Cannot it be that because that was once this!

Don’t confuse this with that
Because this is only this

This has a character
Which that cannot imagine

It is the now 
That that 
Can only wave at or cry for

This is what it is 
And not
What is hoped for or what is decried

Experience this
And you wont need to
Wish for that or that!


The dust on my hands
The pain in my thighs
The restlessness in my throat
The sweat on my face

Clouds hugging the mist
Wind blowing its trumpet
Heat clenching its fist
Breadth sensing its chord   

The echos of my sound
Bouncing back to where I stand
Sun playing with the sand
Scribbling lines long and wide

Minute lasts an hour
Thirst awaits every drop of gold
Seek not what you sought yester
Pain and pleasure now walk together

Reason bequeaths its throne
Shelter drops its guard
Logic crawls behind faith
Seeker becomes the sought

Path Taken


Drive slowly                                                                             (1)
Into a daybreak that's wondrously clear                                  (2)

With the windows unrolled                                                      (3)
Confusion, like the heart, gets left behind                                (4)

Whispered the heart
With who, how and what

If I must worry about how
I would be without dreams now                                               (5)

For what are space and time but the inventions                      (6)
How much - how little - is within our power                            (7)

Looking into the heart of light, the silence                               (8)
You breathe; new shapes appear                                             (9)

In this short Life that only lasts an hour                                  (10)
I took the one less traveled by                                                 (11)

Reminded by a child who a drew a circle sky
Because the sky has no edges                                                  (12)
So do I                     

1.      A great wagon – by Rumi
2.      Still I Rise – by Maya Angelou
3.      Hospital parking lot, April – by Laura Kasischke
4.      Death - by Donald Revell
5.      Allow Me – by Chungmi Kim
6.      Death - by Donald Revell
7.      In this short Life that only lasts an hour – by Emily Dickinson
8.      The Burial of the Dead – by T.S. Eliot
9.      A great wagon – by Rumi
10.   In this short Life that only lasts an hour – by Emily Dickinson
11.   The road not taken – by Robert Frost
12.   The Artist Child - by Dunya Mikhail

When Deception and Freedom Walk Side by Side

Hushhhshsh … At Last now it is safe
Safe as a bird in its hatch
Safe like the string in its sacred place in the guitar
Safe as a song unsung

Isn’t it quiet!!
Yessss ..ssss At Last it is quiet
Quiet as the lake in the winters
Quiet like the leaves at midday
Quiet as the night undisturbed

Ohh.. it’s not moving!
For heavens, it is still
Still as a mountain in its place
Still like a memory restored
Still as a breath unobserved

Don’t you want to ….
Want to what?
Let it be .. Let it free?

Free you say
Free as a haunting dream spree
Free like the dishonor awake
Free as a havoc unchained

See not as you see
Be not as you be

Free .. yes Free
Free from the stillness so rigid
Free from the quiet so sorrow
Free from the safety so insecure

Free .. yes Free
Free as the singing nightingale
Free like the breath unrestrained
Free as it must be 

Smashing my fist on the wall

The wall was rough
I felt I was tough

Smash went my fist
Didn’t feel an earthquake on my wrist

Went again, like in the films
Imagining the heart heals after the pain swims

Who says
It didn’t matter then who says

Anger was meant to be addressed
Became the medium for internal grievances to be suppressed

It doesn’t work that way
Have to stay with it till the time gradually takes it away